Airlive Wl 5470ap Firmware

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Airlive Wl 5470ap Firmware


Firmware Updates WL-5470AP. OvisLink Enterprise Network Solutions. WL-5470AP. User Manual. OvisLink AirLive WL-5424AR. Declaration of Conformity.
Firmware Updates. Firmware. For All AirLive. For the AirLive WL-5470AP AirLive. AirLive WL-5424AR AirLive. Wl-5470ap
Jun 15, 2014
Reference : Firmware Update for WL5470AP but this utility not run on WL5424AR
Download the firmware of OvisLink WL-5470AP or WL-5470AP AirLive to your PC. Open the downloaded folder and extract the firmware. Extract the files in the folder “WL-5470AP” or “WL-5470AP AirLive”. Browse the extracted folder and open the file “BIN”.

Steps to update airlive wl 5470ap
Login with Admin.
Click Update Firmware from menu(Firmware Menu) then select file(2). This will open a window as shown above. Enter
airlive wl 5470ap firmware update File Name “WL-5470AP” or “WL-5470AP AirLive” select “update” and press “SAVE” button.
Close the update window. Close the firmware menu and the main menu. wait for a while after pressing the “SAVE” button.
The update operation will complete and the firmware version will automatically pop up on the screen.


If you are using Linux OS-based router for the AirLive, you may need to create a folder for the firmware file under your Home folder. For example:

mkdir /mylocation

Download the firmware to the /mylocation folder. Make sure the firmware file can not be accidentally deleted or modified after the firmware is installed.

If you are using Windows Vista, Windows XP, or older OS, you may need to make sure that the permission is set to read-only and no other users can modify or delete the firmware file. (e.g. Set the permissions on the firmware file to: “Read” or “Read / Write”, or Make your PC or home folder as “Read Only”

Supports 64-bit Windows 7: AirLive WL-5424AR AirLive-W


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AirLive WL-5470AP: first firmware update

Info and update on airlive wl-5470ap firmware. “I came across [AirLive] WL-5470AP (AirLive N450R) with a firmware back to version 1.3.1. A firmware update is available for download. It can be downloaded from this post: (Click to go to the post)
How to download the new firmware for WL-5470AP: click on WL-5470AP Firmware (Download).

AirLive WL-5470POE: first firmware update

AirLive WL-5470POE is the latest firmware version available.
to update, please follow the following steps.
1. go to the “My Wi-Fi Settings” menu.
2. click “Firmware”.
3. choose the firmware you want to update and click update.
4. wait for the update to complete.

The new firmware may be over 6MB in size.
the advantage of this firmware upgrade is that the.
the new firmware comes as a ZIP file which is much smaller than the size of the old.
a new feature for the WL-5470POE firmware

You can activate Automatic Updates for the router.
it is automatically updated from the Internet.
Airlive WL-5470POE Firmware Update (AirLive WL-5470POE Homepage )
AirLive WL-5470POE Firmware
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How to Update Router Firmware:
(Option) If you have the original User Manual, you can also follow the procedure listed in the manual.

1. Launch a web browser.
2. Enter the IP address of the router.
3. Select “Firmware” in the Site menu.
4. Click “Download Firmware”

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