ADB AppControl 1.04 Crack

ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge and it is a command-line utility that facilitates communication between your Android device (be it smartphone, tablet or smart TV) and your computer.
ADB AppControl is an application based on the functions provided by ADB, so it allows you to manage the applications from your device from the comfort of your PC.
Connect an Android device to the PC
The first thing you need to do is to connect your Android device to the computer using its dedicated USB cable – alternatively, you can use a Wi-Fi connection.
Regardless of the method you prefer, you need to make sure USB debugging is enabled on your device. The application comes with a detailed tutorial that explains all the steps you need to take, so you should not encounter any issues in establishing a successful connection.
Explore installed Android apps
Once your device is correctly detected by ADB AppControl, you can explore all the software solutions currently installed, along with their corresponding icons.
Right-clicking any item in the list offers you the possibility to copy the app or the package name, as well as set permissions.
Additionally, you can not only select Android programs, but also disable or uninstall them. You can also save the APKs of chosen apps to the Downloads folder.
Built-in console
Another function of ADB AppControl is its integrated console which is created for expert users who want to speed up operations by typing their commands.
You can copy the console log to the clipboard or clear it altogether, or you can take a screenshot of the connected Android device. Rebooting the device is also possible.
To summarize
All in all, ADB AppControl can be a handy solution for all those who want to manage the installed apps on their Android device, while also gaining access to some additional functions.







ADB AppControl 1.04 Crack+ X64 [Updated]

– Communicate your Android Device with your PC
– View installed applications, apps, installed packages, Android system files, toggles, and more
– Copy and paste files and folders from device to PC
– Download apps, packages, and files from PC to device
– Access app permissions, and more
– Monitoring and updating, installing, and uninstalling apps from SD card
– Manage app shortcut, freeze or un-freeze app
– Reboot, Fastboot and Shutdown device
– Built in console
– Receive system/application events such as data connection, Bluetooth, GPS, phone call, message, system mail, security alarms, and more
– Supports both Windows and Mac OS
– Compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 & Mac OS 10.7 and up
– Icons and color of the applications can be changed, eg. yellow, red or green
– Built in package manager
– Cleanup Android device
– Launch Auto installation or Auto-sync apps:
– Auto upgrade apps:
– Auto clean-up (FULL uninstall, RESTORE):
– Auto Uninstall System apps (apps which cannot be deleted):
– System apps update, safe reboot, fastboot, safe reboot
– System apps backup
– Internal battery monitor
– Configure system for Battery-optimized
– Configure power saving mode for device
– Backlight Control Settings
– internal/external call, SMS settings
– Internal memory, SD Card, and internal storage options
– About system
– Internal and external storage:
– Internal storage:
– SD card:
– Internal memory:
– Internal and external memory:
– Internal memory w/ SD card:
– Internal memory w/ SD card:
– External memory
– Customize style/theme of ADB Console (installed apps window, installed packages window)
– Receive messages from ADB Console (System tray)
– Change icon/color of ADB Console
– Monitor GPU
– View memory usage (RAM)
– Send Android Debug Bridge (ADB) commands
– Run ADB, Fastboot, Safe reboot, and Fastboot commands
– Open Android device file explorer
– View installed applications
– View installed packages/applications
– Copy and paste files
– Uninstall apps
– Launch app
– Launch package/application
– Install apps
– Install packages
– Delete apps
– Delete packages

ADB AppControl 1.04 Crack Free Download PC/Windows

Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android ADB AppControl Cracked Version is a fast and easy way to manage Android apps on your Windows PC.
Detects the device, and whether it’s connected to your computer by USB or Wi-Fi.
Features an integrated console with an editor, screenshot, clipboard and other features.
Manage apps on the device’s SD card or internal memory, by batch copy and uninstall.
Allows you to copy apps to the downloads folder.
Allows accessing the desktop’s internet connection for file sharing.
Allows screenshots and USB access.
Allows applications to retrieve information about the device, such as phone number, IP address and software details.
Allows you to bypass the application’s security restrictions.
How to use ADB AppControl Crack Keygen?
You can install the app on the Android device using an ADB and fastboot install command.
You can also update existing applications on the device or even perform a firmware update.
The settings, apps and running processes of the device are all viewable in the app’s integrated console.
To learn more, see the use tutorial video.
ADB AppControl Product Key Permissions:
By default, you only need to grant permission to access to the internet connection to make it work.

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ADB AppControl 1.04 Crack+

◇ Use: Android Apps Management
◇ Platforms: Windows, Mac
◇ Version: 2.0.1
◇ License: Freeware




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Easy to use

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This is a great little app. It’s easy to setup and use. It runs fine on Windows 10 PCs. You can update the database to get latest stuff. The last edition had a serious bug in that it was able to index about 50% of all devices, but that is fixed in this edition. You can uninstall the app and it will save your time and data.

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Love that this app is simple and easy to use. Has made a real difference to my ability to get things done. I use this app to clear a list of things that I want to keep up with and then I can forget about it until the next time I want to do it. The drop down menus help to keep things tidy and fast to locate what I’m looking for and there are lots of sharing options to keep you up to date in the social media realm. For me, this app is essential.

Helpful tool

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I am able to know what is installed on my phone without having to go through all of the settings. Has been very helpful!



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What is ADB?

How to Set Up an ADB Connection

How to Quickstart with ADB AppControl

How to Use ADB AppControl

ADB (Android Debug Bridge) is a command-line utility that allows you to quickly and easily build and run apps on an Android device from the comfort of your own PC. This article offers an overview of ADB and its essential features.

Android Debug Bridge (ADB)

Before you can install and run any apps on your Android device, you need to enable ADB on the device. This function is called Android Debug Bridge (ADB) or development mode. ADB communicates with Android devices over USB and allows you to control

What’s New In?

Provides access to some of Android devices features such as the ability to install and uninstall apps, read serial number and manufacturer name, create backups, update, copy and install system apps, and more.

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