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If you wish to save your favorite moments in home-made videos, movie and TV show collections, you may want to try a frame grabber software solution, such as Able Video Snapshot.
Basic interface
The UI (user interface) is minimalistic; this can be a good thing for users who just want to get the job done or a downside for the users who need a bit more control over the experience.
You get a Play button flanked by two more with arrow icons however there's no way to know how many frames they skip. The tooltips, “Left 2”, “Right 2”, “Left 1” and “Right 1”, don't quite shed any light on the matter. By clicking the buttons, you find out that “” can rewind and fast-forward, respectively, the timeline by 1 second. The other two are similar but they only jump in one-tenth of a second intervals.
On the plus side, you are able to set the speed of playback. This comes in handy when you are dealing with action scenes and want to capture frames back-to-back.
Fine-tune your captures
The minimalistic feel quickly fades away when you access the Editing window. Here you can flip the image vertically or horizontally, adjust color settings, apply effects and equalize the image with just one click.
A slight drawback is that the only way to get to these tools is by ticking the “Edit before saving” box in the Options window. If you are not paying attention, you might miss this feature altogether.
Delving deeper into the color adjustment settings, you find sliders to fine-tune contrast, gamma correction, hue and saturation. All of these combined allow you to tweak the image so you get the desired output.
Make your snapshots pop
Moving on to the effects section, you are greeted with a range of possible filters and alterations that can drastically change the look and feel of the source file. While less useful overall, it's a nice addition for users who want to make the image pop.
Although, in theory, an auto equalizer is great to have when you don't want to manually adjust the above-mentioned settings, the integrated one is generating unrealistic and distorted images.
Video snapshots for the power-user
If you are just looking for a program that allows you to capture stills of key moments in videos, you might want look elsewhere. But if you want the power to fine-tune the movie frames, then Able Video Snapshot is the application for you.







Able Video Snapshot 4.9.5 Crack+ Activation [Updated-2022]

Able Video Snapshot For Windows 10 Crack turns a simple task of saving video clips from your favorite movies, television shows, YouTube videos or video games into a much more user-friendly experience.

Gain the ultimate power of total control over your HD videos. AbleVideo Snapshot lets you save crucial video clips to different folders and create playlist, duplicate, split, join, merge, edit HD videos in any location. When it comes to the fun of creating your own personal video footage, AbleVideo Snapshot is the best tool.

Productive, total control over the entire HD video
• Add, edit, duplicate, split, split (multiple) or edit (multiple) video files using any free software you want!
• Add multiple video tracks to a single file
• Create and manage the thumbnail and icon for the target file or folder
• Optimize the video for the best quality
• Drag and drop function when adding new frames
• Automatically add the target files to the end of the video
• Adjust the video details in the Clip Properties window
• Adjust the color of the video to be displayed
• Set video frame (clip) to be removed automatically
• Add, edit or delete the target file
• Create or edit a playlist to organize the files in video collections
• Play the video back (in Windows XP)
• Delete the clip property at any time
• Use the Clip Exported tool to export video clips to your Hard Disk
• Add the target folder or file to the Clip Exported tool to perform the same task automatically
• Automatically detect target file name
• Build and export folder/folder in the command prompt
• Optionally save files to disk or send them as e-mail
• Video Snapshot Pro, File Snapshot, Clip Snapshot, Video Frame, Screen Shot
• Supports any size of video file
• Frequent updates
• Free for personal use
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Able Video Snapshot 4.9.5 With Product Key Free X64

Digital video frame grabber for Windows OS with simple and intuitive user interface. You can capture images from digital video, DVD movie and video files. It can be a good alternative for power-users who need a powerful and full-featured tool to capture stills from video.

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Able Video Snapshot 4.9.5 Crack + With Key

Able Video Snapshot is a video frame grabber and editor that lets you control playback, and capture, images from video. It can also help resize video and make your transitions more exciting.

Able Video Snapshot is a powerful video frame grabber and editor that allows you to control playback, capture and edit images from video. It can also help resize videos and make your transitions more exciting.
Able Video Snapshot Features:
Capture images, capture some frames with time settings
Capture images and create GIF images from a video file
Capture single frame images and save the frames as individual images
Capture single or multiple images from a specific part of the video
Resize, crop and rotate images from video
Adjust video speed, add special effects and music to your videos
Filters and transitions are supported
Save the captured images as JPG, BMP, GIF and PNG files
Support all codecs
Installation and file format:
Able Video Snapshot can be easily installed on Windows OS. The software is not a bulky download so it requires very little space on your hard disk. Once installed, your video files will be saved in the program folder. Although, it is highly recommended to place your video files in the…

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Able Video Snapshot is a powerful video frame grabber and editor that allows you to control playback, capture and edit images from video. It can also help resize videos and make your transitions more exciting.
Able Video Snapshot Features:
Capture images, capture some frames with time settings
Capture images and create GIF

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System Requirements For Able Video Snapshot:

Windows 7/8/8.1/10 64 bit (incl. Vista)
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or faster (incl. Quad Core CPU)
1366×768 display or higher
Nvidia 6800 or AMD Radeon 2600 or higher
Internet connection with.jpg and.gif support
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